Techno Infonet

Employee of the Month Experience of Bhargav Upadhyay

Techno Infonet goes to great lengths to provide a celebration opportunity to its employees. Hence, every month, the company sponsors the preferred activity of the employee of the month to uplift their spirit.

Mr. Bhargav Upadhyay, the PHP team lead was awarded the ‘Employee of the Month’ recognition in April month. His hard work, exceptional skill set, and in-depth knowledge of PHP technology made him an ideal choice for the employee of the month award.

For the celebration, he decided to visit one of his favourites, ‘Candela Restaurant and Banquet’ with his friends. He enjoyed an appetizing Punjabi dinner and ordered a variety of starters, paneer dishes, accompaniments, and desserts at the restaurant.

Mr. Bhargav Upadhyay described this experience as an exhilarating event. He said, ’Techno Infonet always recognizes my efforts with suitable awards. It has been a pleasure to work with such an employee-centric company. I wholeheartedly thank Techno Infonet for sponsoring this amazing dinner.’

Techno Infonet builds a strong pillar of cordial relations with the employees through various in-house as well as outdoor events and celebrations. These traditions offer distinctive work culture to employees where they can flourish and enhance their capabilities.