Employee of the Month for June 2017

“Imagine with all your mind, Believe with all your heart, and Achieve with all your might”

Imagining of big and luxurious life, believing of owning these, and finally achieving it, all these are a different story. Well, that surely does not mean of not imaging and believing. The point is if one imagines and believes of owning something, you need courage, patience, and lot more hard work.

I am reminded of a quote with says “Nothing worth having comes easy”. So, the road towards success and achieving something big is not easy. But, here at Techno Infonet, we have made the road towards success quite simple and easy.

We come up with Employee of the Month, every month wherein we acknowledge sharp, dedicated, and sincere minds who has all the three, ie. Imagination, belief, and achievements.

For the month of June ’17, the Employee of the Month was awarded to Hirak Sheth from the Technical Department. He previously has achieved this award twice and this will be his third. Not only that, he also was awarded as Employee of the Year in 2016, and this really shows that he has been sincere and consistent in his work. His dedication and initiatives in one of the projects are highly appreciated. He also has taken the initiative to guide one of our employees during his training period. These achievements show that how talented and dedicated he is, in his work. Truly, he’s the soul asset for our company.

He has received a Diligent Performer of Month certificate, Couple Voucher of Patang Hotel, every Saturday’s off, and other benefits from the company.

“Success is the result of perfection, hard work, and persistence. – Colin Powell”