Techno Infonet

There is no substitute for hard work. Absolute dedication and focus on a task should always be appreciated. Hence, Techno Infonet always seeks to recognize the efforts of employees through the right rewards. The company believes in maintaining an employee-friendly work culture to provide them ample space for growth and skill enhancement. One of the most appreciated employee reward strategies implemented by the company is the “Employee of the Month” award.

Employee of the Month – July 2022

Each month, the most deserving employee is honoured with this award. For the month of July, Mr Mahiman Parmar was awarded this recognition. He is an Assistant Team Leader with experience of working for more than 1 year at Techno Infonet.

During the month of July, Mr Mahiman showed exceptional performance. His grit to excel at every task differentiates him from others. Moreover, he never hesitates to walk the extra mile for helping his teammates and nurturing them. These remarkable qualities were the prime reason behind his selection as an employee of the month.

Mr Mahiman described his experience as a memorable event. He stated, “It is certainly gratifying occasion. I feel exhilarated to be crowned with this title. An employee of the month reward has empowered me to do better and achieve more milestones with Techno Infonet. Thank you so much Techno Infonet for recognizing my talent. I am proud Technorian.”

Techno Infonet congratulates Mr Mahiman Parmar for this achievement and wishes him the best for his prosperous future.