Employee Of The Month – May 2019

Motivation, appreciation, and acknowledgment is key to success. One will always work hard to achieve it. Thus an acknowledgment becomes a lifetime memory for an individual. Here at Techno Infonet, we do the same by awarding our employees by “Employee of the month” for the hard work they show throughout the month.

For the month of May ‘ 2019, the Employee of the Month was awarded to Bhargav Upadhyay “PHP Developer”, from the Technical Department. Throughout the month, he was regular and punctual. He has shown courage and dedication in all of his tasks and has taken some good initiatives for the betterment of the company. His initiatives have been fruitful and brought goodwill to the company.  Moreover, he has easily and effectively resolved some of the tricky buggy projects. Also, shown his classic CodeIgniter and Laravel skills and help team members into the development of the project for one of the client. The key factors that the management saw in him were his time management, team handling skills and problem-solving abilities. In short, he was a powerhouse and a deserving candidate for the award.

He received a Diligent Performer Certificate along with a Dinner Voucher of 5-star Hotel and many other benefits from the company. We congratulate him for the award and best wishes to keep on performing the same.