Employee of the Month – October

A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected”

Its human nature and we see this quite often that when any individual is appreciated for his / her work, their approach towards work and seeing the things changes. Well, it’s indeed beneficial for the company’s growth and overall progress.

Well, Techno Infonet does keep these small initiatives in mind for overall progress. We too, have taken this initiative and have seen the best results our staff. We not only appreciate our employees but also to those who indirectly help and share his / her helping hand in the company’s progress.

We select 2 persons, one Technical and Management Department for this award.

This time, for the Employee of the Month for the Month of October, was a surprise for all of us. It was Chandrakant Vaghela, the enthusiastic farm hand who received this incredible award. He had taken care of every small need of The Technorians and smilingly and willingly did his job throughout the month. Well, without him our Mornings don’t begin and in the evenings without his hand made tea our day doesn’t end! This “energy provider cup syrup” keeps us alive and awake till the dawn. His helping hand and active participation in all of our celebrations is like a life saver! He has handled his tasks in a systematic order; he’s the first person to arrive at office and his first task is to keep the office neat and clean including our desks and surrounding area to keep the office look brand new.

Well, he has received a Diligent Performer Certificate along with some cash. We congratulate him on his achievement.