Employee of the Month – October 2021

Shekhar Shah, the Mid-Level Developer at Techno Infonet, was awarded the Employee of the month for his exceptional performance in the month of October. During the tenure of his employment at Techno Infonet, this is the second time that Shekhar has been awarded the EOM award.

Employee of the Month - Shekhar Shah October 2021

As a developer, Shekhar is responsible for helping his team develop business websites, ecommerce sites and other web-based software products for businesses and consumers. In the month of October, he was assigned tasks in two major projects that are currently being handled by Techno Infonet. With little to no assistance from his superiors Shekhar executed both the tasks exceptionally well. Not only did he deliver the tasks assigned to him in time, but he also ensured that the quality of the tasks delivered were not compromised. Both the management and the customers have provided great reviews on the tasks delivered by him over the month of October. At Techno Infonet the positive reviews provided by the customers are the highest level of validation that a Technorian could receive to prove himself worthy of receiving the Employee of the Month Award.

Techno Infonet thanks Shekhar for the amazing knowledge, support, assistance provided in the execution of various tasks, especially in major projects like the ones he handled during the month of October. Congratulations Shekhar on being recognised for all you hard work and dedication, and receiving the Employee of the Month Award in the month of October 2021.