Techno Infonet

Parth Patel

Without the element of enjoyment, it is not worth trying to excel at anything.

-Magnus Carlsen

A winner certainly deserves a chance to enjoy the victory and celebrate the hustle. Enjoyment motivates the winner to accomplish the hardest milestones.

Therefore, Techno Infonet provides the opportunity of celebration to the winner of the “Employee of the Month” award with a lavish treat. Mr Parth Patel, senior SEO executive at the company became the employee of the month in August. Hence, he was given an exclusive opportunity to perform any celebration activity of his preference from the monetary reward provided by the company.

Mr Parth Patel decided to celebrate his triumph through a company-sponsored dinner at his favourite restaurant “Real-Paprika”. It is a well-known restaurant with a vibrant ambience and comfortable seating arrangements, offering delicious oven-based pizzas.

He visited the restaurant with his friends and ordered mouth-watering varieties of pizzas including spring filing pizza, double cheese margherita pizza, four-season pizza, and sweet n spicy pizza along with cold drinks. They greatly enjoyed the flavourful taste of different pizzas. In the end, they ordered the sweetest brownie ice cream.

When we asked him about his experience, he described it as a memorable and the most beautiful evening and said, “I am truly thankful to Techno Infonet for sponsoring this dinner. I want to take a moment and appreciate the efforts of the company for going the extra mile to make me feel special about my accomplishment. The company never fails to bring smiles of satisfaction to its employees’ faces. Continue the good work and keep inspiring us to expand our potential”.

Indeed, Mr Parth Patel deserves this recognition. His efforts and loyalty are truly commendable. Techno Infonet congratulates him for setting an example of true dedication and hard work. We wish you achieve many more breakthrough accomplishments in your professional journey.