Techno Infonet

Employee of the Month Experience

Life is too short not to celebrate nice moments!

-Jurgen Klopp

As rightly said in this quote, a celebration is an integral part of life. Achievement seems incomplete without a proper celebration. Therefore, Techno Infonet always encourages its employees to go out and celebrate different professional as well as personal milestones.

On one such joyous occasion of becoming “Employee of the Month”, Mr Mahiman Parmar decided to celebrate it through a company-sponsored dinner. He has been working as an Assistant Team Leader at Techno Infonet for more than 1 year.

Mr Mahiman Parmar visited “Bellasen Bistro”, the rooftop café and garden restaurant situated in Ahmedabad, with his friends. He thoroughly enjoyed the delicious pasta dish and gourmet pizza, accompanied by Lemonade. At last, he ordered a mouth-watering Fudge Ice-cream dessert for everyone.  

Mr Mahiman Parmar enjoyed the beautiful evening with his friends at the peaceful restaurant. He described, “I am grateful to get the opportunity of working with such an employee-centric company. Techno Infonet certainly knows how to make its employees happier and build a healthy work culture. I want to thank the management of Techno Infonet for sponsoring the whole dinner. Keep inspiring employees to achieve more with the rewarding actions”.

Techno Infonet has been persistently proving itself as a reliable partner of Technorians by always understanding their needs. The diverse work culture at the company can certainly motivate employees to do better and reach their true potential!