Exhilarating experience @ Courtyard Marriott


“Acknowledgment and celebration are essential to fueling passion, making people feel valid and valuable, and giving the team a real sense of progress that makes it all worthwhile – Dwight Frindt

Margaret Cousins rightly says “Appreciation can make a day, can change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary.” Surely, it makes one’s day and becomes a life time memory. It’s just the word that is what is expected from the superior for the hard work done or an achievement received throughout the career.

Keeping this simple thing in mind we, at Techno Infonet, recognize the work done by an employee and reward them with the title “Employee of the Month”. Apart from this reward they receive couple Dinner Voucher of Momo Café and every Saturday off.

For the month of July, the award was given to Shubham Tiwari for his exceptional work in the field of SEO. Enjoying the benefits of this award, Shubham didn’t miss out the chance to visit and have dinner at Courtyard Marriott.

He just had heard from people and seen in pictures of magazines about the lavishness and the royalty of Marriott. And now it’s, in reality, he’s gonna visit the stunning hotel for dinner. What a moment for Shubham!

Shubham visited the glamorous hotel on 24th Sept 2016. Filled with all luxurious amenities Marriott is one of the 5-star hotels where you’ll find everything royal – starting from people to fast cars like Lamborghini Gallardo. A stunning entrance met his way followed by the lavish and luxurious waiting lounge. Admiring the interior and the foreign visitors, he made his way to the MoMo café, an open kitchen serving la carte along with modern chic décor and delicious buffet. He was served with delicious food, delicious desserts, and sweets at MoMo Café. The services and the security of Courtyard are appreciated by all and so does Shubham “Impressive service specially the staff were friendly and very polite.

If I have to rate for the staff, then I must give 4.5/5 . The security checking on gate and enterance was very standard and glad to see the guards did a warm welcome in a good way…”.

Last but not the least ‘my selfie moment’ is the one which speaks more than the words!

“Success does not lie in Results, but in Efforts. being the best is not important, Doing the best is all that matters.”