February Birthday Festivity

Do you believe that an employee’s birthday is a chance for that one person to stand in the limelight and be recognized especially?

We at Techno do because it’s their day and it is meant to be celebrated. Whether you agree or not, but When employee’s special days are overlooked, the employee may feel like a cog in the machine. So, we make sure to have a small yet worthy bash on the birthdays of our employees.

In the month of February, we had 4 Birthdays which include Virang Patel (Business Consultant), Monika Jain (Business Development Executive), Neel Maniar (Son of our CEO), and Monal Maniar (Wife of our CEO).

The birthday gal and boy were made to wear clown caps, which made them look comical. Then after, the entire team sang in chorus the birthday song and the yummy Pineapple cake was cut. Our HR Manager presented birthday cards including signature and message from each and every member of the team as a token of blessing.

Really, we must not count the years we lived, but the celebrations we enjoyed!