HR Experience in Techno

After joining in the Techno Infonet Company as an HR, I really got full support from management and co-worker as I was new here. After few weeks I adopted the culture of my new company Techno and I started my HR work individually,  the support I got from the company as a new joiner, I felt that as an HR, my work is not just only taking care of HR Policy or recruitment but also much more ie to make comfortable to new joiner…

As the HR of the company, I am supposed to take care of middle path of employee and employer as well make both sides satisfied with each other with the work policy and culture. So in Techno as an HR I am taking care of How do employee feel when they come for work every day or after the weekends, Are they relaxed? Happy? Sad? Stressed ? And according to that try to make them comfortable to the workplace. Also in the other way, I plan some game or activity in the company so they get refreshments from daily routine work life which recharge all staff at the workplace with full or energy.

As an HR of the company I should not too friendly with our employee but here in Techno, our management is friendly with everyone such that we all can freely talk and give an opinion and thus we believe in the transparent system and friendly environment.

In Techno as HR, I always try to make the new joining feel comfortable, just as I got so that they can work comfortably and adapt our work culture.

As an HR I am also doing the Monthly employee management Meeting, it’s really a good part of Techno where management and all employee sit together and we discuss our personal growth as well as about company growth. Here, we try to make employee contribute their point of view, we never force them to follow the company culture we make them comfortable and they automatically follow the culture of the company without saying to follow, we let them free in work so they can give their best in work…

As an HR I am trying to make friendly and comfortable work environment in our Techno with always the new way.

HR work is not here ending only, I will update about Techno HR work very soon, with new things.