Identify The Person’s Name

As mentioned in the earlier post I will be coming soon with some more exciting news on the Weekend Surprise Activity. So, I am back with one more surprise added to the basket of Weekend Surprise Activity. When we join a company, we often come across many new individuals working to achieve a common goal. Gradually all our colleagues become a part and parcel of our routine life. As we spend more time with them, we get to understand their dislikes, likes, thoughts and views, making us comfortable working with each other. You must be wondering as to why I am emphasizing on employee compatibility. Well, this has something to do with the Weekend Surprise Activity.

Techno Infonet conducts the Weekend Surprise Activity on every 1st and 3rd Friday. The central purpose of conducting this activity is to make employees feel refreshed before they leave for the day. On the 3rd Friday, we played a game titled – “Identify the Person’s Name”. Before we started off with the game we ensured that all our team members were made to sit together so that it becomes convenient to play the game. The game goes something like this, one of the team members narrates a quality and all the other team members have to identify the person who carries this quality. It was really exciting and a funfilled game as we got to know some unique qualities of our team members.

This game made us realize how much we know about our team members. A game that helps to strengthen our bond as a team working towards a common goal. Apart from dedication and hard work, team coordination is also necessary for the growth and development of a company. It’s really important that every employee share a good understanding with the team. Such refreshment activities help us in strengthening our bond with our co-workers. We played this game with some tasty snacks. I will soon be back by next weekend with some more news on the Weekend Surprise Activities.