June Birthday Blast At Techno Infonet

A Birthday is always a special day for the concerned individual. It is a day that marks a new beginning of another year that is looked forward to with new hopes and dreams. So, a birthday is a special moment that when celebrated makes the concerned individual feel more loved and noteworthy.

It is always special when all family members get together to celebrate the birthday of their loved ones, but it becomes even more special when the organization celebrates the birthday of their employees. The person feels more special when the birthday is celebrated by their very own colleagues in the office premises. Well, Techno Infonet leaves no stone unturned when it comes to making their employees feel valued. So, we celebrate our employee’s birthday by cutting a cake and handing out a beautiful greeting card. The month of June witnessed birthdays of 4 of our employees, namely: Nikita Roy, Priya Shah, Chirag Ghevariya, and Anushiya Varghese.

We made them feel special by awarding them a ‘Half Day Leave’ on their Birthday. We decided to celebrate their birthdays in our office premises on the last day of the month of June. They all cut the delicious Black Forest cake and others joined in by singing the Birthday song. We also wrote down our good wishes on a beautiful card, which became a lifetime memory for them. We all partied, ate the cake and enjoyed the day!