Life and Experience at Techno Infonet

As I mentioned earlier in my last post that I will come up with some interesting news and topics in HR field with Techno, So, here I come up with same..

When you hear the word HR, people presume that he/she is one who recruits the employee for the company. But I say HR is not just a recruiter. HR is a person who has a huge responsibility on his/her shoulders and acts as a middiater between employee –  employer. HR is the one who coordinates with each team member reagrding their issues, solving their problem, try to make a suitable healty atmosphere for the employees… not only the HR handle the employee management but also has losts of other small tasks to perform.

And yes people are saying HR equals recruitment. Yes, you right but do you all really think this is a easy process? Or finding a candidate as per the company requirement is a easy work? No, it is not…

A HR is the person who helps the organization with good employee and the candidate with the job; this is the biggest responsiblity. But let us now come back to Techno. Here, the HR is not just a recruiter.  For Techno, the HR is one of the pillar. A pillar with the solid foundation of the recruitment process, then the construction of the building over the pillar with fun, refreshment, motivating employees, arranging outing, movie, lunch dinner, and other celebrations like Birthday celebration,Work aniversarry, Employee of the Month celebration, and so on and finally the roof, making Techno a perfect company.

Having a posession of rich and varied cultural heritage, well it is my job and duty to preserve the charm and dignity of each and every festival by celebrating with great enthusiasm. Not only festivals but also make it a point to celebrate all important days on our Calendar.

So, here in Techno, HR means not just a recruiter but a person who binds the employees together for the mutual growth.TechnoInfonet is a web development firm based in the USA, which offers web development, mobile application development and internet marketing services. The firm does not only believe in developing web services but also plays an important role in the personal and professional development of an employee.  Coming back to achievements, Techno believes in that Appreciation is not just a word, it is an act of showing and acknowledging the right person in the right way, and the growth of employee is not just through personal achievement but also through various other recreational activities. So, we make it a point that act of appreciation is done in our own “Techno way”.

I really appreciate this opportunity given to me, to serve as the HR Manager of Techno Infonet.

Well, this is it from my side, stay tunned for more updates and happenings at Techno…