Logical Test in Techno Infonet

In Techno Infonet, our management always comes up with something new for the employee’s growth and development. From 1st of November the new refreshment plan was executed by the management which was named as the ”Weekend Surprise“. Here surprises include tests, casual chats and discussing interesting ideas.

It’s always fun to do something new and out of the box to refresh our minds and in Techno Infonet we all get this refreshment on every working Saturday with some engaging activities. Having said this, the ‘Weekend Surprise’ was indeed full with the surprises. Yes! It was really a surprise for all of us. This time the surprise included a logical test followed by some lip-smacking snacks. The rule for this surprise logical test was to solve all the 15 questions within the 20 minutes time frame. This test did not carry any negative marking and the benefit of this logical test was to improve our logical skills and apart from this the winner gets to grab a Half day off on a working Saturday. We all started putting our logic to solve these questions. As a web development company, we use logic on a daily basis for developing web solutions, and now it was time to test how much logic we use to solve these questions.

It was really fun and it indeed helped in improving our logical skills. After the test we had some peanut sandwich with some casual chit chat.

The winner of the test was Anushiya Varghese Content Writer from the SEO Department and the  Runner Up was Gaurang Dangi from the Technical Department. I will come soon on next weekend with some more news on the weekend surprise activities.