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Techno Infonet cohesively celebrates a diverse workforce engulfing passionate minds in their chosen field of expertise. We value every resource understanding the importance of work-life balance. Consistently recognizing the efforts of our employees stand testimony to Techno Infonet’s rapid growth. Know the benefits of joining us:

  • Our values and policy
    • Safe working environment
  • Voice of employee of the month
    • Experience share on recognition received
  • Birthday celebrations
    • Celebration with half-day leave
  • Weekend surprises
    • 1st & 3rd Friday celebrations
    • Weekend stress busters
  • Saturday sessions
    • Dhyan (Meditation) sessions
    • Orientation on special skills to peers
  • Employee recognition
    • Employee of the month certificate
    • Dinner voucher for couple in a 5* restaurant


Employee of The Month

employee-of-the-month-july-2018 blog

Employee of the Month - July 2018

To achieve success, one needs dedication and efforts. Everyone is having some goal in their life which they want to achieve. For that, determination and proper planning are required. These are some of the vital elements that bring...

Read More September 13, 2018

Employee of The Month Experience

a-wonderful-experience-patang blog

A Wonderful Experience @ Patang

It's very true that hard work brings fruitful results. Hard work always comes with something good and some special rewards. At Techno Infonet, the employee‘s hard work is appreciated by rewarding them with recognition. We...

Read More September 13, 2018

Birthday Celebration

june-birthday-blast-at-techno-infonet blog

June Birthday Blast At Techno Infonet

A Birthday is always a special day for the concerned individual. It is a day that marks a new beginning of another year that is looked forward to with new hopes and dreams. So, a birthday is a special moment that when celebrated...

Read More July 31, 2018

Employee of The Month

employee-of-the-month-june-2018 blog

Employee of the Month - June 2018

"Hard work is the key to success" – a phrase that we all are familiar with. This quality always gives you a hope for success. Hard work here does not only emphasize on working hard, rather it means to give in your...

Read More July 28, 2018

Employee of The Month Experience

an-amazing-experience-patang blog

An Amazing Experience @ Patang

When a person's hard work is recognized and rewarded, the person feels motivated to do better and achieve better results. Moreover, it also helps in boosting their morale. Well, here at Techno Infonet, we appreciate our...

Read More July 28, 2018

Employee of The Month Experience

an-awe-inspiring-experience-patang blog

An Awe-inspiring experience @ Patang!!

One of the best ways to motivate an employee is to shower bundles of appreciation for their quality of work. When an employee feels appreciated, they are not only satisfied with their job but would also be motivated to do better;...

Read More July 17, 2018

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