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Techno Infonet cohesively celebrates a diverse workforce engulfing passionate minds in their chosen field of expertise. We value every resource understanding the importance of work-life balance. Consistently recognizing the efforts of our employees stand testimony to Techno Infonet’s rapid growth. Know the benefits of joining us:

  • Our values and policy
    • Safe working environment
  • Voice of employee of the month
    • Experience share on recognition received
  • Birthday celebrations
    • Celebration with half-day leave
  • Weekend surprises
    • 1st & 3rd Friday celebrations
    • Weekend stress busters
  • Saturday sessions
    • Dhyan (Meditation) sessions
    • Orientation on special skills to peers
  • Employee recognition
    • Employee of the month certificate
    • Dinner voucher for couple in a 5* restaurant


Employee of The Month

employees-of-the-month blog

Employees of the Month

We started with an initiative called “Employees of the Month” from April 2016. We at Techno always recognize the individuals who go above and beyond whenever required. In order to recognize the efforts...

Read More May 16, 2016

Birthday Celebration

february-birthday-festivity blog

February Birthday Festivity

Do you believe that an employee’s birthday is a chance for that one person to stand in the limelight and be recognized especially? We at Techno do because it’s their day and it is meant to be celebrated. Whether you...

Read More March 02, 2016

Birthday Celebration

january-birthday-get-together blog

January Birthday Get-Together!!!

Did you know birthdays are meant to be celebrated as they are the gift of life, given to us by the Universal Spirit? Techno Infonet does believe in celebrating the birthday of employees to make them feel special and remind them that...

Read More January 20, 2016

Birthday Celebration

the-december-birthday-blast-at-techno-infonet blog

The December Birthday Blast At Techno Infonet

There are countless reasons to gather and have fun in the office, but the most important of all is Celebrating Birthday of Employees. Such get-together becomes a great opportunity for colleagues to connect with each other. Plus, it...

Read More January 06, 2016

Anniversary Celebration

techno-infonets-11th-year-anniversary blog

Techno Infonet's 11th Year Anniversary!

Incredible, but true! “Time flies when you do something you love! Techno Infonet is celebrating 11 years doing what it is passionate about – IT & software development business. We would like to congratulate and...

Read More December 07, 2015

Anniversary Celebration

the-uncut-of-techno-infonets-11th-anniversary-celebration blog

The Uncut of Techno Infonet's 11th Anniversary Celebration

The 11th-anniversary celebration of Techno Infonet was on the docket for some time just to throw a great groovy party, which is not to be forgotten. As a Technorian we always believed and edified that ?Life is not just to be lived,...

Read More November 30, 2015

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