Share Quality of Team Member In Techno Infonet

Friday is the most awaited day for everyone because of the weekend surprises. On every 1st and 3rd Friday, our HR plans out some fun surprises for the employees to end the week on a good note. And we eagerly await for these interesting surprises to unfold, which fills us with energy and positivity.

This time the surprise included a “Share Quality of Team Member”, which was followed by some lip-smacking snacks. The game goes something like this, each and every employee has to come up with one quality of other team members. This showed how much everyone knows about each other. This was really fun and a good weekend surprise activity because some of the members came with the funny quality of their teammates, which we enjoyed listening to.

The activity was one of the best ways to check our team bonding and understand how much we know about our team member with whom we spend 8 hours every day. Techno Infonet does not only believe in just professional growth but also in employee’s team building and friendly environment. After the weekend surprise, we had some Chorafalli followed by some casual chit-chat. I will come soon next weekend with some more news on the weekend surprise activities.