Share Your Dream and New Year Resolution

We all have a dream, a plan to achieve our goals, thinking out of the box and making a resolution every New Year. A majority of us have the fear of sharing our dreams, goals or even our New Year resolution due to the fear of being laughed at or feeling shy. The reason behind talking about dreams, plan and goal is that Techno Infonet came up with some interesting session that was “Share Your Dream and New Year Resolution” weekend surprise.

Techno Infonet conducts the weekend surprise on every 1st and 3rd Friday to make the employees feel refreshed with some surprises. This weekend we discussed our dreams, goal and some interesting New Year resolutions. As I had mentioned in my last post I will come next week to the weekend surprise with something new and interesting news to share. We believe in coming with something new so that we do not get bored with the same routine work life. So, all the team members were made to sit together and spend a great time where everyone was encouraged to share their goal, dreams and New Year resolutions.

It is said that you should not reveal your dreams, plans or goals. But what if you do share? You might come across some really interesting opinions and thoughts for the same. Also, you will get ideas on how to effectively achieve your dreams. For all those who have the fear of not achieving your dreams and goals in the near future might get some motivation from others. Sometimes we feel as if our goals are too immaterial to be achieved or our New Year resolutions are too hard to be kept. Here is where we find the need to share our feelings so that others can inspire us. Moreover, we also get inspired by others New Year Resolutions too. We had this conversation with some tasty snacks. I will come soon on next weekend with some more news on the weekend surprise activities.