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In the modern era, women stand shoulder-to-shoulder with men in the corporate hierarchy.

Women are marking their presence in each industry on a global scale. Their ingrained quirks such as dedication, humbleness, honesty, resilience, peace of mind, and perseverance help them excel at any job. However, with the spike in the number of working women, several issues such as discrimination, biased pay scale, racial discrimination, sexual harassment, etc started surfacing. Among these issues, sexual harassment has been prevailing for a long time. Many reputable corporations have been subject to sexual favours demands or sexual harassment in the workplace.

Sexual Harassment refers to any form of unwelcoming sexual behaviour such as sexual advances, asking for sexual favours in exchange of higher job position, and any type of sexual verbal or physical abuse. It is one of the biggest problems women are facing nowadays globally. Frequently, these types of incidents grab our attention at a great level. The consequences of sexual harassment are horrific. It might hinder the career growth of women and force them to leave their beloved jobs. Therefore, it is always advisable to have some precautions at the workplace for protecting women employees.

Workplaces are endeavouring to combat this problem by adopting sexual harassment policies and various measures. These policies precisely describe sexual harassment and the consequences of this type of behaviour. The law of India strictly forbids sexual harassment and there are certain provisions to punish this type of behaviour. In certain cases, legal actions can also be taken by the company against the proven culprit for workplace sexual harassment.

By considering all these parameters, Techno Infonet has introduced a sexual harassment policy as a precaution for this type of unwanted behaviour at the workplace. The key purpose of implementing this policy at Techno Infonet is to make women feel safer, confident, and more productive. The below-mentioned sexual harassment prevention measures have been induced at the company,

  • A completely transparent work environment has been maintained at Techno Infonet. Hence, if any female employee comes across any sexually inappropriate behaviour, then she can openly communicate with the management about it.
  • Once a female employee reports the incident of sexual harassment, an immediate meeting with management will be conducted. Based on the availability of evidence and witnesses, the management will declare the verdict. It might include taking legal actions against the accused employee.
  • Although female employees might or might not be facing harassment, every month a mandatory sexual harassment behaviour measurement form has to be filled out and signed by them. The purpose of the form is to enable female employees to report any type of harassment if they are uncomfortable in verbally communicating about it.
  • Quarterly, there will be a meeting of female employees with the Lawyer and HR / Admin Personnel. In the meeting, a female employee can share if she has faced any harassment and then sign the form.

By implementing these comprehensive measures, Techno Infonet has been maintaining its prestige as the safest workplace for women. Over a period of more than 17 years, not a single incident of sexual harassment has come to light. The company strictly condemns this type of behaviour and cannot tolerate it under any circumstances. Female employees described Techno Infonet as the safest place for work. Indeed, it is a big achievement for the company.

If Techno Infonet encounters such a case of sexual harassment in future, then the company is prepared to go to great lengths of it and do justice to the victim. Regardless of the job position or corporate hierarchy, the right actions will be enforced.

In the words of female employees of Techno Infonet, “The stringent sexual harassment policy at Techno Infonet has been proved as a boon. We do not have to stress about the necessity to deal with lustful and unacceptable behaviour at the workplace. Therefore, we can work confidently and freely communicate with male co-workers. It has strongly helped us in uplifting our work performance while ensuring optimal security.”

Techno Infonet has always operated in the circumference of basic women’s rights. The company leaves no stone unturned in ensuring the safety and privacy of women at all its offices. The positive experiences of women in the workplace validate the company’s claim of being a feminine-friendly organization.