The November Birthday Bash

A new chapter of life for you begins today. Say Goodbye to your past and for the future, pave the way. Full of happy anecdotes, let a new story unfold. Smile, laugh, share, and cry… Be carefree and bold.”

We love to celebrate a few occasions which include Anniversaries of our loved ones, promotions, and of course Birthdays. We believe that God has added one more Graceful year in our lives – that’s the significance of the Birthdays.

Nowadays, apart from the families, our corporate colleagues too, are much involved in our Birthday celebration. Something unique, something exciting is planned and organized by the HRs in the office. Here at Techno Infonet, we do celebrate our employee’s Birthday with flair.

In the month of November, we had Birthdays of 2 of our Employees, namely  Shubham Tiwari  and  Divyarajsinh Jethva. On their Birthdays, they were  awarded by a half day leave, which made them feel special. Later on, in the evening, we celebrated their Birthday in the office, wherein all of us joined. The Birthday boys together cut the  delicious Black Forest cake, along with the  melody of the Birthday Song  sung by us. We all partied, ate the cake, and  selfied all wonderful moments.

A Birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun. So, Enjoy The Trip!”