The November Birthday Bash At Techno Infonet

A birthday is just the first day of another 365 days travel around the sun, yet it’s special as you have another day on this earth to live and love. Birthday celebrations are no more limited to families alone as a lot of employee-oriented organization celebrates their employees’ birthday with pleasure. At Techno Infonet, this time we had three Technorians birthday, namelyRaxa Patel  on 08th  of November, Viral Prajapati on 11th November and Sharad Bhandari on 14th November.

To make merry chocolate delight cakes were ordered and in the presence of our CEO Mr. Sam Maniar we had a fantastic cake cutting ceremony with a melodious birthday song. The yummy brown cakes were served to sumptuous to everyone and then greeting cards were gifted to the threesome that had unique messages from the rest of the employees blessing and wishing them the best in everything. Honestly, birthday with colleagues is a treasured moment that not everyone gets.

Celebration adds color to our life, and birthday is one of them!!!