The Time Flexibility Benefit

In Techno Infonet, the 1st and 3rd Fridays are most awaited as our HR comes up with some surprise activities for all the employees. The main purpose to conduct these activities is to ensure that our weekend starts with a delighted and happy note. This Friday our HR came up with the time-flexibility policy instead of an activity.

The ‘Time Flexibility’ benefit was indeed a happy and surprising news for all the employees. According to this policy, the employees will be allowed to come to the office between 9:30 am to 10:30 am and can leave office after completing their 8 hours of working. Techno Infonet believes in creating an environment where the employees are given quality space and time. This not only helps in improving the work atmosphere but also immensely contributes towards increasing the employee’s productivity. This policy would immensely help the employees in modifying theirs in and out time. All the employees were very happy to hear about the policy. This also meant that no more rushed morning hours for the employees.

After getting to know the policy details, we all hogged on some hot and delicious samosas followed by some casual chit-chat. I will come soon next weekend with some more news on the weekend surprise activities.