The Uncut of Techno Infonet’s 11th Anniversary Celebration

The 11th-anniversary celebration of Techno Infonet was on the docket for some time just to throw a great groovy party, which is not to be forgotten.

As a Technorian we always believed and edified that “Life is not just to be lived, it is to be celebrated.” Here, we had a big reason to amazingly celebrate – Techno’s Eleventh Business Anniversary.

The venue chosen by our HR for expressing our happiness to the completest was “Village – The Soul of India”. This exclusive theme food court rekindled the long unrecalled traditions and cuisines of the Indian culture.

Sharp at 8 pm, Friday 18th Dec, we all were ready to have a blast. Dressed elegantly with a zippy enthusiasm we entered the Village. At the entrance, a “Munimji” welcomed us by bowing down, saying “Padhariye”. Since then our eager and excited souls were popping out of the body to see what’s in for us. Full of hustle and bustle with the vibrancy of a colorful carnival it was a scenic Village atmosphere that could not stop us from rushing in. Starting from Central Jail’s food which included cold chats and appetizers we just had a digestible amount of food items keeping space for the main course. Moving ahead a puppet show happening captured our attention, the funny dance moves and songs played made us all go crazy laughing.

The other noteworthy attractions were the Panchayat house with a lot of activities happening around from palm reading, fortune telling, Chudiwala to Mehendi Wala showcasing artistic mehndi and bangles. On the spur of the moment, a corner where music and dance were going on, stole the limelight, all of us reached there to dance and sing like insane. After coolly dancing for more than an hour, we were all hungry as a bear. On top of it seeing the variety of food cooked and displayed in earthen vessels with mouthwatering aroma we could not stop ourselves and gobbled food like a wolf in our belly. The gourmet food which we had from hot Jalebis, Bhaji Pav, Khichdi Kadi, scrumptious Tandoori delicacies, yummy curries, buttermilk to ice-creams. Everything was too tasty and memorable.

Last, but not, the least with gratified heart, mind and tummy we posed to click photos on Auto Rickshaws and Scooter and all the other places that were a treat to the eyes. None of us wished to go home it was a glorious experience, all we wanted was to…

Remember the moment. Cherish the story. Celebrate to the fullest.