Weekend Surprise – White Board Drawing

The weekend is the most awaited date for Technorian, because on every 1st and 3rd Friday, the day our HR come with some surprises. Which is called Friday weekend surprise. The purpose of conducting this weekend surprise activity is to make employees feel refreshed before they leave for the day. On the 1st Friday, we played a game titled – White Board Drawing.

We all team members were made to sit together and our HR start the game. The game goes something like this, we all team members were divided into two teams, team A and Team B. Now, team A got a picture which they need to draw in the whiteboard. All the team member were allowed to look at the picture only one time. Both teams were got the same picture to draw. Whichever the team draw the best they will be the winner. The rule for the game was one person cannot draw the whole picture. All the team members need to participate in this. The one person allowed to draw only one line or dot or curve as per the picture and person can’t draw any whole basic shape at a time. Also, the team have to complete the picture on the given time period.

This was such refreshment activities help us in strengthening our bond with our co-workers. We played this game with some tasty snacks. I will soon be back by next weekend with some more news on the Weekend Surprise Activities.