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Today, the Google searches have taken a new form and direction where in, you could just talk to the search engine about whatever you want to ask. You may have often come across someone talking to the phone, welcome to the world of, “Digital Assistance”. These are your virtual executives helping you search information online just by asking.

What is Google Voice Search ?

The Google voice search is an online voice search technology that recognizes the spoken voice commands and perform the online searches accordingly. It is simply a user, speaking to the digital assistant online, most times asking the questions instead of typing it in the search box. Just as the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) keywords were highly important while making online text searches, the voice searches need to have valuable keywords to get the closest answers.

SEO is clearly very effective, when it comes to increasing the popularity of your business. The next big thing we have in web world is the SEO for voice search that has tremendously gripped the digital world. According to the research made by Bright Local’s Key voice search stats, 46% of the voice searches made by users daily were for searching local businesses. Businesses are gaining tremendously getting better ROI since almost 27% visited the website after making the voice search.

Why it is important?

People are having busy lives; in this trying times, Voice searches comes as one of the most marvelous discoveries of recent times. Typing requires time and efforts and overall hands glued to the keyboard, while voice searches gives the freedom of going hands-free.

  • Provides hands-free convenience to people.
  • Helps people to do voice dialing.
  • Helps launch the programs or applications.
  • Helps search the information in audio/video files.
  • Gives the illustrated details of the request made.

What is the current trend of Google Voice Search ?

The popularity of voice searches is growing each day by leaps and bounds, almost over 1 billion devices are giving out voice assisted access to the users. The most commonly used assistant on smartphones are SIRI and ALEXA while the GOOGLE ASSISTANT is the second in popularity.

The Google Voice Search Optimization carries greater importance as it gives appropriate results when the queries are asked. Google is already the most popular when it comes to text or voice searches with the users having smartphone, smart speakers, tablets, voice computers, etc. As per the reports, Google is soon going to come out with wearable tech. As google voice searches are growing in popularity, the yet to be launched Google watches will soon be an another history. Almost, one-fifth of google queries were voice searches in the year 2016 as stated by Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

For your business to grow and stay ahead, voice search optimization is of utmost importance. Techno Infonet helps you refine your website with the best organic Local SEO keywords so that your website emerges when voice search is made. We can help you build your reputation online through the best workable SEO strategy to boost the traffic on the site. Hire skilled SEO expert today to increase the popularity and visibility of your business.

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