7P's of Marketing

The marketing mix is the strategic or practical part of a marketing plan. The marketing mix is also called the 7Ps.

WordPress vs Joomla

Choosing CMS(Content Management System) between WordPress and Joomla can be difficult since both have become popular. Both platforms have efficient functionalities depending upon the needs.

SEO tactics to avoid

The world of SEO is in the regular phase of progression, the conflict between search engines and the SEO crowd is never going to end.

How to achieve Brand Leadership

Are you looking forward to stay in market place? Before you initiate creating your brand leadership explore what inspires you.

Why is it necessary to have content marketing strategy?

Today web is such a place where you can market your business easily with the help of useful and relevant content. 

Steps of web optimization

The goal of web optimization is to make your website user friendly and get more potential customers for your business. 

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