2 Best PHP Frameworks : CodeIgniter and PHP Zend

With the rapid change in the technologies, market trends, and user awareness people want everything to happen in "one click". People have become smarter, cautious and aware of their needs. The use of different technologies and its area have expanded,

Why each website needs to be speed optimized

After completion of the designing and developing of a website, we should keep in mind the parameters like speed, performance, is it working based on our requirements, browser compatibility, etc.

7 Indispensable SEO Strategies for Profitable Ecommerce Business

Are you an eCommerce store owner and only your family knows about your online store? This insufficiency indicates that your website has a poor online presence you need to drive traffic to your site.

True, but how?

SEO is one of the methods that will help you in generating traffic to your eCommerce Site. In this aggressive world of eCommerce SEO, winning a badge takes more than just listing products for purchase. To top the search engine constant efforts are required, and it’s a competition that has no end.


Why choose Magento platform to boost your E-commerce Sales?

Have you decided to bring your business online and step into the multi-billion dollar ecommerce world? However, are you wondering which ecommerce platform to choose out of the many options out there in the market? The Magento Content Management 

Techno Infonet Company Profile

Techno Infonet is a leading information technology, consulting and outsourcing company focused in creating experiences that are engaging, user-friendly and result-oriented for your business. We are not a typical web development team but are innovators contriving things that work for your audience and your business. Check out the infographic to know more about our company.

CodeIgniter vs Laravel

Developing software applications, products, and solutions can be a complicated, time-consuming procedure, nonetheless if you decide for an ideal framework you can accomplish your projects quickly by utilizing comprehensive modules and components and functions. This is because frameworks may comprise tool sets code libraries, APIs that work in sync to bring together all the distinctive elements into a successful development solution.

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