Seven reasons why E-commerce will be a game changer in 2022!

  • January 13, 2022

Post-Covid 19, E-commerce domain has taken a sharp upwards turn. From being a daily need facilitator to expensive shopping, e-commerce has now become a necessity for all. In 2022, the e-commerce industry has fastened its belt to raise its bar again.
How could the e-commerce sphere find such a great success path even in 2022?

To know, read the following reasons listed below:

Seven reasons why E-commerce will be a game changer in 2022

1. Inbound growth in global demand

Globally, e-commerce visibility can’t be ignored; whether it is Asian market, which is growing by 20 percent on an average, or Australia’s e-commerce that predicts its revenue rise to US$37,359 million by 2024. Further, its sales worldwide in 2021 are estimated at $4,921 trillion and it will increase to more than $5.5 trillion in 2022.

2. Social media has become social commerce

One of the biggest reasons for the rise of e-commerce is its continuous presence on social media. From frequent advertisements, videos, webinars to push messages, players manage to develop an urge to visit an e-commerce site. Last but not the least, influencers on social media handles are drawing new path to market e-com giants.

3. Ease of use

The e-commerce industry has deeply studied the need of the masses; even illiterates can use any e-com portal, and shop through voice searches. Best-in class user interface has made a commoner’s life easy and fulfilled.

4. Going together philosophy

E-commerce has provided a helping hand to small and medium scale entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs just have to showcase their products, rest from packing to last mile delivery; every step is taken care of by the e-commerce company.
On the other hand, E-commerce has upmarket the visibility of the big players to another level. Anybody would think about a brand and subsequently they would choose which portal to visit.

5. Supply Chain model- The backbone of e-commerce

Ever imagine how efficaciously e-commerce supply chains work to provide end-to-end delivery. One of the reasons for all those delightful deliveries is best-in-the-town logistics and supply chain management services partners.

6. Out for delivery

Wherever their customer stays if the address is mentioned on the company book, the delivery partner will be happy to serve you. Faster and low-cost delivery with hassle-free return policies has made e-commerce affordable to all.

7. The environment comes first

Covid 19, has taught an essential teaching on environmental sustainability. Nowadays, ignited minds are concerned about their consumption and whether it is causing any environmental loss or not. E-commerce was the first mover to understand the need of the hour. Now brands are buying and selling of second-hand products and providing eco-friendly packing services.