Techno Infonet

We never forget the heroes who sacrificed their lives to bring up this glorious day to India, recalling and rejoicing in the victory of our Freedom Fighters on this 73rd Independence Day.  Because there sacrifices our country can celebrate this day. For every Indian this day is great significance as it reminds us about unity and diversity of our country.

We celebrated Independence Day on 14th August 2019 with same patriotic spirit. The day started with decorating the office with our tricolors. Additionally, to add patriotic colors to the celebration, we had a theme for all the employee: Blue and White. So, all the employees started decorating at 10.30 AM and at 11.30 AM we all gathered to sing National Anthem in the honor of our national flag.  We have done cake cutting on this auspicious day with a tasty snack of Kachori and everyone was feeling joyous and had capture the moments by clicking photos. We all enjoyed this day and had lots of fun.