Techno Infonet

“The best feeling of happiness is when you’re happy because you’ve made somebody else happy”. It is truly said that making someone smile is the biggest gift that we can give. The reason for talking about smile and happiness is because our Saturday activity was purely aimed to bring smile and happiness to the visually challenged people of the Blind People’s Association. Our HR plans some interesting activities on every 2nd and 4th working Saturday to make the employees happy. But this time our HR came up with an activity which not just made the employees happy but also a bunch of visually challenged people happy too.

This 4th working Saturday our HR arranged a short visit to the Blind People’s Association with a handful of donations. The main purpose of this visit was to donate clothes, money and some food items along with spending some quality time with them. “Giving is not about making a donation, it’s about making a difference.” This was indeed a fun experience for all of us as we not only donated things but also spent some quality time with them. We all spent nearly 3 hours at the Blind People’s Association. We were quite overwhelmed to see how those people carried out their day to day activities despite not having eyes.

After we donated the things that we had brought along with us, we headed towards the ‘Vision in Dark’ room that gave us a glimpse of how the blind people lived their lives in the world of darkness. The entire room was pitch black. We had an instructor who guided us along the 1-hour tour into the ‘Vision in Dark’ room. The room constituted of a Temple, Village, Restaurant and a Movie Theatre. The instructor was a blind person who guided us so well and gave us an experience of the lifetime. It goes without saying that the experience was an eye-opener for all of us as we got to know how it is to be blind and survive in an ordinary world. We were also advice on how to give proper guidance to the blind people whenever they require our help. It was really a great time spent in that room and also meeting blind people.

All the team members really enjoyed this day at the Blind People’s Association and we selfied all the beautiful and fun moments.