Techno Infonet

None of us would disagree that an office party is a great way to promote a healthy and productive work culture in an organization. And, Techno does not miss any opportunity which helps its employees to forget the pressure of work and get to know their colleagues better. Once again to break the routine and escape from the ordinary food, Our HR, planned a “Flavorsome Pizza Party Lunch” at the very famous restaurant “Uncle Sam’s Pizza”.

It would not be wrong if we say that any party is incomplete without Pizza nowadays because this Italian dish has turned out to be a global appeal and can be customized according to regional taste. Advance booking of a long table was done to accommodate all of us at the venue during our lunch break.  Whether it is work, games or party, Technorians believes in being on time and so we did.  The moment we entered into the pizzeria, OH Gosh! the aroma of saucy Salads and cheesy Pizza mesmerized us all.

The moment we placed the order, we got queued to fill in our plates with mouthwatering salads, later hot pizzas were served which not only looked amazing but tasted fantastic. Chilled pitcher of coke and brownie with ice-cream perfected the lunch. A lot of giggles, mischief’s, and mimics, as usual, filled the entire atmosphere with joviality.  In this fast and tedious life, we hardly have such tickled pink hours, isn’t it? Life is short, so work hard, have fun and make a difference.

Trust me, if you can laugh together, you can work together!