Techno Infonet

“Christmas gives the opportunity to pause and reflect on the important things around us” – David Cameron

December is all about holidays, celebrations, new hope, opportunities and new goals for the coming year. Everyone is curious to enter a new year with new hopes and desires. The very much anticipated festivity was amazingly celebrated at Techno Infonet.

Christmas celebration with your family, friends or with co-workers, it doesn’t matter when you’re celebrating with full of enjoyment and fun. At, Techno Infonet we celebrated Christmas by decorating the office having Christmas Tree, Balloons, Ribbons, Stickers of Santa Claus & Christmas Tree. The Theme was Red and White, so all the employees were in the christmassy mood by wearing Santa Cap and theme outfits.

We played different games which added more fun and excitement. There were 3 games as mentioned below:

  • LEFT/RIGHT/ACROSS chocolate Exchange:

In this game, employee need to read the story written on a paper.  Every time the word RIGHT is read, one of the employees who have the chocolate has to pass his/her chocolate to the right.  Every time the word LEFT is read, one of the employees who have the chocolate has to pass his/her chocolate to the left.  When the word ACROSS is read, pass the chocolate to the person across from you.  The chocolate which the person is holding when the story ends is the chocolate, he/she will keep.

  • Festival ABCs –

Divide employees into two teams and give each team a piece of paper and pen. Instruct them to write the alphabet vertically from A to Z. Then, instruct the teams to write a festival name for each letter. The first team to complete the list wins.

  • Christmas Tree Drawing Competition:

Give a piece of paper and pen to each member and ask them to draw a Christmas Tree as best as he/she can within 15 minutes. The best drawing will be awarded by the management.

Starting a new year with happiness and making 2019 a happy ending year at office with good hopes and high desires, Techno Infonet awarded their employees and give them awards for different categories as mentioned below.

#1.  Night Owl Award- Ajay Panchal

#2.  Taking Maximum Leaves Award- Chirag Vagadia

#3.  Extra Mile Award- Shekhar Shah

#4.  Most Entertaining Award- Chirag Ghevariya

#5.  The Clock Award- Priya Shah

#6.  Best Tea Maker – Chandrakant Vaghela

How can a Christmas Celebration end without a Pizza Party? At last we all had yummy Pizza with a Cold drink and captured all beautiful and fun moments in our phone to make this year with full of memories.