Techno Infonet

Saturday is fun and refreshment day for Techno Infonet. So, on every working Saturday, our HR plans out some refreshment activity for all of us. These Saturday activities make us active and refresh and we all got to stress out. The Saturday activities also contribute towards team building along with enhancing a positive work environment.

This 2nd working Saturday HR plan out Dhayan session tasty snack. All the team members gathered at a commonplace. Then the trainer started his Dhayn session, he was given first some briefs about benefits of dhayan and how it helps us in our daily routine life. He also updates us the dhayan is helping us to live a healthy life with stress-free. He taught us the how to clean the bad energy from our body and get a refreshed mind. After got the benefits of dhayan, we all did the dhayan for 20 min with the instruction of the trainer. We all really felt better after the session and relax. We decided we will go for this dhayan session again and also we will do this at home as well.

I just of 1-hour session we felt so relaxed then if we will do the dhayan every day in our routine life it will help us to live a healthy and positive life. The dhayan is not just helping in the stress relief it also help in the getting the positive energy in the body.

In the end, we all had the tasty snack, selfied all the moments and enjoyed the weekend activity.