Techno Infonet

“Enjoyment is not a goal, it is a feeling that accompanies important ongoing activity – Paul Goodman”

Enjoyment is a part of our life. You need to have some recreation from your busy schedule. Working on a monotonous cycle of working hard the whole day, coming home, eating, drinking, and then sleeping; such a process will remove your interest from having fun and will make your life boring. So, to achieve the goal of success, you need to keep this enjoyment ongoing activity on.

Here, at Techno Infonet, we have kept this ongoing activity on. Every 2nd and 4th Saturday’s we ensure to have fun with our colleagues, making it an enjoyable evening. Our HR plans out and comes up with some exciting games that relax our mind and make us prepare for the next week.


This time, we played Dumb Charades. Here’s something about the game. One player from a team pantomimes the given movie from the opposite team. He/she has to do it in a given time period and make his/her team member understand the name of the movie.

We did the same. The Technorians were divided into 2 teams, A and B. And then what, both the teams tried their best in giving a difficult name so that they could win. And the one who was pantomiming tried hard to make his/her team win. It was really fun watching and above all, it made us relaxed playing this game. You may think it is simple. But, to make people understand through acting and gestures within a short span is not that easy. It’s upto a person’s smartness, presentation, and his/her co-ordination with the team members; how quickly and easily they are able to guess the movie’s name.

Well, in the end, the Team A, became the winner. And yeah, you can say that they were the best in Pantomiming!

“Work hard, have fun, and make a difference”