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Gujarat is a state responsible for the creation of India’s biggest conglomerates including Adani, Zydus, Arvind, and Torrent and contributing over 8% of the GDP of India. The IT ecosystem in Gujarat has evolved dynamically over the last two decades. However, compared to the manufacturing and trading sector, Gujarat has been lagging in the IT sector. The initial phase of development in the IT industry was powered by cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune. With cities like Ahmedabad, Surat, and Vadodara preparing themselves to become the next IT hubs, Gujarat is expected to play a major role in the next phase of development in the IT industry.

Regardless of the size of its business, every organization can contribute to the economic growth of its state and country in multiple ways, and at Techno Infonet we have started taking initiatives to foster Gujarat’s IT system. Some of the noteworthy initiatives taken by the company in the year 2022 have been mentioned below:

Free Training in New Edge Technologies:
Since the inception of the IT industry, there has been a massive shortage of technical talent pools. The IT industry sees a gap between the knowledge taught to students in academies and the knowledge needed for the job. Because they have little awareness of industry needs, fresh graduates are usually not readily employable from the beginning. Because of that, when hiring new staff, corporates have to invest a significant amount of time and cost to train new employees to help minimize this tech talent gap. Techno Infonet has introduced a Free Training Program in various technologies including React JS, Node JS and Angular to name a few. Apart from training, candidates joining the free training program are also provided with the experience of working on live projects. Moreover, candidates who complete the free training program are also provided with a job opportunity to help kickstart their careers.

4.5 Days Workweek Policy:
Keeping in mind the lack of work-life balance in the IT industry, Techno Infonet introduced the 4.5 days workweek policy in April 2022 to attract and nurture talents in Gujarat. This initiative focuses on setting an example of how employee-centric policies will help improve the work efficiency and loyalty of employees. The 4.5 Day workweek policy is expected to ignite a similar revolution in Gujarat and India.

Sponsoring Events:
Corporate conferences and events have always helped industries grow by connecting businesses with their peers. Hence Techno Infonet is always at the forefront of sponsoring events and making them successful. TiECON Ahmedabad’s annual conference held in September 2022 was inaugurated by Mr Narayana Murthy and powered by Adani Group. Techno Infonet contributed towards organizing the event by becoming the sole web sponsor for the event.  Furthermore, we also got the privilege to conduct fruitful discussions with industry leaders and government officials – M.Nagarajan, Mahavir Pratap Sharma, Anil Joshi, Dr Apoorva Ranjan Sharma, Mohit Gulati, Mihir Joshi, Piyalee Chattopadhyay, Vineet Parikh, Milapsinh Jadeja, Jaydip Parikh, Vish Patel, Gyan B Pipara,  Shaishav Amitbhai Shah,  for the betterment of new-age startup businesses.

Mentoring Startups:
Mentoring and helping startups survive during the initial years of inception are extremely important to ensure the long-term growth of any industry. As a company completing over 18 years in the IT industry, Techno Infonet helps budding startups by sharing its secrets and mantra of success. In the year 2022 has mentored various deep-tech startups, especially focusing on education. This initiative is targeted to help fight Gujarat’s paradox of being business giants but startup pygmies.

Providing Internships:
Techno Infonet has been nurturing the future talents of the IT industry, especially in the management discipline by offering academic and non-academic internships. The internships help students and graduates to gain a better understanding of the IT industry and its environment. In the year 2022, BK School of Management associated with Techno Infonet for providing a top-notch internship experience to its students in the Business Intelligence department. The knowledge and experience gained by interns working at Techno Infonet are unmatched.
To find out more about their experience of working with the Technorians, watch the video below:

As per the popular proverb Rome was not built in a day, Gujarat has a long way to go in Information Technology as IT is just contributing 0.62% of Gujarat’s total export according to 2018-19 statistics. The good news is that Gujarat has all the right pieces required to build the next IT hub of India. Apart from a proactive government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the centre and the best educational institutes, Gujarat has a strong business community that is ready to take on the challenge. And as part of this business community, Techno Infonet is committed to taking more initiatives for the growth of Gujarat and India.