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It’s always refreshing to step into another time. Diane Lane

The moment we hear the word “game”, even if we are not kids anymore, it brings an ultimate joy on face. Isn’t it? Games not only refreshes us and remind us about our childhood days but also helps in improving our mind and brain. Games gives us instant boost, fun, and also we learn new things by playing any game.

So, this is the same reason why at Techno, every 2nd and 4th working Saturday, our HR plans some interesting games for fun, personal development and growth of employees.

On this 4th Saturday, we all played 2 games namely 1. Find the company name, 2. Guess the brand name by Logo.

The first game goes something like this. The rule was one member will say the Tagline or Slogan of any company product and each team need to find out the name of the particular product brand. Then the person will ask first to team A. If team A answers, then they will get the point but if they are not able to answer the question, then it will be passed on to other team. If team B gives the answer then they will get the bonus point. Now team B needs to answer the question. If team B is not able to answer then it is passed on to team A. If they also manage to give the answer, then they will get the bonus point. Each team member will have to guess and come up with the right answer.

The second game we played was, Guess the brand name by logo. The rule for this game was team A will draw logo of any company and team B need to guess the brand name. If team B gives the right answer, then they will get a point. In the same way, now team B will draw and team A has to answer.

We had really enjoyed that activity and it helped all the team membes to improve their general knowledge skill through this fun activity. It was really a good way to improve our knowledge skill with fun. We all selfied the moments and enjoyed the weekend.