Techno Infonet

“Life is to be enjoyed, not simply endured. Pleasure, goodness, and joy support the pursuit of survival. – Willard Gaylin”

Holi is a Hindu Spring festival celebrated in India and Nepal. This festival is also known as “the festival of colors” or “the festival of love”. The festival signifies the victory over evil; where people meet each other, plays, forgives, and repairs their broken relationships and also a thanksgiving for the good harvest. People gather around the streets, visit their families and friends by spraying and applying different colors on them.

Well, Techno Infonet too celebrated this festival with flair. It was on Saturday, 11th March 2017, we gathered in our playing area to celebrate Holi. We all shut down at 5:30 PM sharp to witness and enjoy the wonderful festival. Before we began, we all were served by the delicious “Vada-Pav”, which made us energized for the play. After which we all were given different packets of colors, and then what? The fun and the enjoyment began. All of us tried to empty the whole packet by applying the colors everywhere, not leaving a single white dot on the body and clothes by greeting each other as “Happy Holi”. We all bathed with the colors in such a way that we barely recognized each other.  It was really fun playing with the colors. At the end, we “selfied” all wonderful moments which became a lifelong memory for all of us. Well, after such excitement, we all departed in the nostalgia of this wonderful celebration.

“Holi aayi, satrangi rango ki bouchar laayi, dher saari mithai aur mitha mitha pyar laayi, aap ki zindagi ho mithe pyar aur khushiyon se bhari, jismain saamaaye saaton rang yahi shubhakamna hamaari… Happy Holi to all…”