Techno Infonet

Celebrating festivals in the work premises always add an extra ode of happiness on every employee’s face. Techno Infonet strongly believes in celebrations, as it is one of the most lucrative tools to bond employees and create an energetic work environment.

In the month of March, the company gleefully celebrated the most colorful festival – Holi. On Thursday, 1st of March, 2018, all team members were requested to gather in our playing area. Before we began the celebration, we all were given different packets of color that were soon to be emptied on our team members. We did not wait a minute before we started splashing the colors.  All of us tried to empty the entire packet of colors on our team members mercilessly. We made sure that our team members were completely immersed in all the colors that were given to us – Red, Yellow, Green and Pink. After the celebrations, we could barely recognize each other. Before we left for the day we wished by greeting each other as “Happy Holi”.

In the end, we “selfied” all wonderful moments which became a lifelong memory for all of us. It was really a fun experience playing with the colors.