Techno Infonet

Being a Web Design and Development company, Techno always serves with all the latest technologies that benefits the customers. Similarly, Techno, never forgetting it’s employees, comes up with some fresh refreshment activities every alternate Saturday. So, this time our HR planned Dhayaan Session(meditation) for all the developers and other team members on this Saturday.

Everyone is aware with the term “Meditation”. Sadly, everybody wants to do it but cannot. So, the question is how, when, and where can we do meditation? Also, how can a developer and other co-workers manage their work, stress, and pressure? Techno, made this simple for the developers and other team members to manage their work through meditation.

Well, meditation is a simple exercise, where you try to relax your mind and concentrate to reduce stress. It has scientific advantages which not only helps your body but also helps in your daily corporate life. So, understanding the need of managing stress and work life, Techno decided to have Meditation sessoins every working Saturdays for the benefit of the employees.

Coming back to the meditation, I feel that there is some sort of connection between Development and meditation. A developer with a fresh mind can research and come up with creativity in his/her development. A fresh mind has a proper plan, work strategy, and innovative ideas. Thus, fresh mind can be obtained through meditation techniques.

Now, a question may arise, why do we meditate? The answer is simple. Meditation leads to increase in concentration and this leads to increase in the work productivity. Due to this reason, the Technorians went for this Dhyan session, to help increase the work productivity and health as well. Thus, the trainner started off with some useful information about meditation and its benefits and later we altogether performed meditation for 20 – 25 mins, which relaxed our body.

Thus, we had great time meditating and realizing its importance.