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August 20, 2018

‘Independence’ is a privilege for any individual. Back in the 17th century, it was certainly a dream for many Indians. Until on 15th August 1947 when India got freedom from the Britishers rule and celebrated its first official Independence Day. The victory was then celebrated by saluting and paying respect to the sacrifices of the freedom fighters.

On 15th August 2018, on the occasion of  the 72nd Independence Day we at Techno Infonet celebrated the day with the same patriotic spirit. The day started with decorating the office premise with our tricolours. So our team started with the decorations in the office and at 11:30 am we all gathered to sing our National Anthem, sung proudly remembering the struggles that our countrymen fought for and gifted us this day of ‘Independence and Freedom’.  The fun did not end there, our team clicked photographs and selfies together to share and celebrate this honorable day. The celebration came to an end with a nice bowl of ice cream as everyone was feeling  joyous at the moment and satisfying our sweet tooth at special occasions is termed to be a mandate. Each and everyone at the office, then pledged to work for our country and help our fellow beings to carry forward to what our ancestors taught us and never forget to value our Nation.

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