Techno Infonet

The Christmas is the festival of jingle and mingle party. The very much anticipated festivity was amazingly celebrated at Techno Infonet.

It’s a fact that whether you have a Christmas celebration with your family and friends or with co-workers, it’s the time for joy and fun!  It doesn’t matter what you’re celebrating; there’s no excuse wanted to throw a great office bash. A small game and gift can also make it special if done in a different way. Just as we all know that no office merriment is a merriment without fun games to play. This time, our HR manager planned a unique Christmas game for us.


The name of the game was “Passing the Gift”! The rule of the game is very simple just as its name is. With the music going on, the gifts were passed one after the other, and once the music stops the one who has it in hand was the winner of the gift. This is how we floated all the gifts one by one and made the game go on the full swing. We had a variety of passers playing the game from naughty and teasing passers to nervous throwers.


The team went mad laughing, acting wackily and giving silly poses for snaps. And, do you know, the beauty of the game was no employee was left out without a gift and with a feeling of winning nothing.

Truly, who remember the days? All that we remember is moments enjoyed!