Techno Infonet

Nowadays, life has become so hard and tiring that it becomes so difficult to set apart some leisure time for ourselves. Tiredness and workaholic atmosphere have made us more stressful. So, imagining an entertainment and an outing happen at our workplace is a once in rare situation. But, at Techno Infonet, we do make sure that we happen to enjoy and relax ourselves from our busy schedule whenever an opportunity arrives. This time, our management, arranged a movie “Te3N” at Devarc Mall followed by dinner at “Patiala Pangat at Thaltej-Silaj Road”.

The excitement, masti, food, and selfies all were waiting for us. The day arrived, like always our eyes were constantly on our watches as to when the clock strucks 4pm and we go for the movie. All our staff made themselves available at the Devarc Mall by 4:15pm. A full suspense and thriller by the legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan, who played “John Biswas – a common man”, seemed to be struggling for his justice in a kidnap and a murder case of his granddaughter “Angela”. The whole story revolves around as to how he connects all the clues like a real investigator and finds the criminal and justice for himself along with Vidya Balan – playing Sarita Sarkar a police officer and Nawazuddin Siddiqui playing the priest and also the specialist of kidnapping cases. In an all we enjoyed the thriller suspense of Te3N.

We then moved to our dinner place Patiala Pangat at Thaltej-Silaj Road. We dined ourselves in a desi style where cots and “patiya” for dinner were waiting for us. We had starters which included soup and Manchurian with a soft music entertaining us. The main course included 2 yummiee sabzis, roti, salad, and buttermilk. We all at the end had our tummies full! We somehow managed some space for desserts in the end.

The experience made us relaxed and tension free. How can we forget selfies! It’s the summation of our relaxation, outing, and masti that we did together. Make sure that you grab all the opportunities that you find across your path coz life is too short “To Live Life King Size”.