Techno Infonet

Once in a quarter organizations must arrange atleast one big event for their team mates. This is the time/ a moment where you completely forget about your work and have nothing else to think apart of enjoyment. In terms of HR it’s all about engaging our employees. Techno completely agrees the more you motivate your team the more your team returns desires to achieve organizational growth.

This time everyone had the fever of FAST & FURIOUS. This time planning an event did not take much of my time. The enthusiasm of my team encouraged me to plan an event of going for the movie and arranged to book tickets.

This was Saturday. Everyone was engrossed as to complete their assigned task as early as possible. Suddenly one of our team mate realized that the movie was ought to start. Rushing from our desks in no time Techno team reached Wide Angle.. completely geared up for the fastest cars and speed.

Movie was amazing, full of thrill and kept all of us tight in our seats. We were shouting, applauding and enjoying ourselves in a way that we did not even realize we were in the theatre with our colleagues.