Techno Infonet

A staff picnic is a remarkable way for employees to have fun, relax and nurture the relationship as a team. Our HR made all possible searches to decide an exquisite venue where Technorians can have a novel experience. Out of various suggestions and reviews the spot chosen was Palm Green Resort. As 2nd August, The Friendships Day calls for celebrations and enjoyment in the company of closed pals and chums, we fixed 1st August as the day to have a grand time and celebrate Friendships day in our way.

On that fortunate day all of us gathered around 9:00 am at the office premise all set to have a stupefying day ahead. The journey to the resort was fun filled with a lot of music, playfulness and chit-chats. We reached the resort on time and got captivated with beautiful entrance, spick and span big reception area with well-dressed hospitality executives all at our disposal. We were escorted to the various places within the resort, it was no less than a paradise with bewitching gardens, chromatic rare flowers, blue as sky swimming pools, thrilling water rides, huge banquets, comfy movie theatre, big lawns and grandiose restaurant.

Technorians have a little inclination for sports, so to begin with we had a super fabulous cricket by dividing the team into two, “Technickies” and “Techtonics”. The winners were “Technickies” with two more runs. After a sporty match, we all were as hungry as a hunter, so rushed towards the banquet where the aroma of delicacies could not stop us. Hence, we stormed upon the tasty food immediately.

Taking a break for about an hour, water rides were ticking our minds. Not to mention, the breathtaking rides and waves were full of pep and we did not wish to get out of it. We felt as if the day ended too soon and we were left wanting more.


Although the picnic was done in a day, the memories will stay behind for a long time.