Techno Infonet

Games are always a mood booster in every situation. Playing game is the best way to not only reduce your calories but also the stress levels. It not makes us fit but also gives us positive energy, keeping us happy throughout the day. After our entire day‘s busy schedules and workload, we all need some kind of refreshment. Playing game is one of the best ways to refresh ourselves.

So, in Techno Infonet every 2nd and 4th Saturday our HR comes with some Saturday activity. We can call it the refreshment booster plan. We always wait on Saturdays for the game time. It is a time where all the team members gather at one place and play the game. The Saturday activities not just helps in reducing our stress, but also enhances team building along with creating a positive work environment.

This Saturday we all played 3 games:

1. Ludo

2. Chess

3. Uno

The 1st game, Ludo, is a game played by 4 people. The 4 team members battle the odds to win the game. The main aim of the game is to cut the other members from reaching their destination.

The 2nd game, Chess, is a 2 player game wherein they have to play with all their mind. This game involves strategising, logical analysis and a sportsman spirit. The 3rd game, Uno, is a fun card game. All team members played this game together. More the number of people double the fun in playing this game. The main aim of this game to throw away as many cards as possible so that at the end you are left with zero cards. Everyone was trying hard to finish their cards, so, that he/ she can win the game and enjoy to see the other who are looking to end as soon as possible.

A Saturday with 3 different games became the best weekend activity. We all selfied the moment and also munched on some evening snacks. We all enjoyed the weekend end game and left for them on a positive note.