Techno Infonet

Nowadays, to maintain a stress-free balance between life and work is getting harder and harder. Though some of us manage stress with regular exercise and meditation, others are depending on entertaining activities such as listening to music, napping or watching a movie. But, how many of these options are feasible when you are in the office? Did I hear you saying only listening to music? That’s not true! At Techno you get to hear music daily and, this time, to relieve our senses a little more. Our HR manager decided to give us the Cinema Therapy organizing to watch a comedy Gujarati movie named “Chhello Divas.”

At Saturday fun time, we have enjoyed almost all the revitalizing activities, except watching a movie. Now, that too is accomplished by our company. Arranging our office decorum with rows of chairs and with dim lights, we had a real theater effect within our premises. Sharp on time, each one of us occupied the chairs and the movie begun. Every one of us might have watched movies with family and friends, but watching a movie with our colleague and co-worker is a great feeling.

The movie was a real entertainment from beginning to end revolving around the life of cool friends. It was a full fun tour involving everything from ups and downs in the relationship, love stories, gags and mimics to tragic yet happy climax. The characters of the movie were too impressive, we still talk about playful Vickyold softie Nikhil, infatuated Poojalily-livered Eshacrazy Loy, aggressive Dhulo and lovely Nisha. All these characters played their role significantly, making us laugh loudly rolling in the aisles, we chuckled, had teary eyes and got goose bumps on intriguing scenes.

At the end of the movie, we all felt our souls uplifted and motivated. The message of the movie was clear and simple – Don’t forget to relish the little things in life.”

So, we should live more & stress less!