Techno Infonet

Techno Infonet is committed to reach the highest possible levels of employee contentment and is continually seeking new and better ways to do so. In order to make the Organization robust, progressive and dynamic, we focus on Organizational Development, Employee Engagement, and Talent Management through many HR initiatives.

Our HR Manager – Jyoti Dhanwani, has taken the following HR Initiatives to bring a change in the atmosphere of the company like:

  • Employee Forums – The Employee Forum seeks to persistently improve the quality of life at Techno Infonet for its employees through mutual understanding, recognition of employee contributions, and respect for the worth of the individual.
  • Fun Activities – Weekends are meant to be cool, relaxed and ridiculously fun. Every alternate week our HR comes with new ideas for playing games at work. For a daily dose, we have a morning email which is very informative based on the themes each day like Monday Mania, Tipster Tuesday, Wordy Wednesday, Thursday Trivia, and Factual Friday. Moreover, for daily refreshment, we have a delighting email sent by each employee which includes funny jokes, facts, and inspirational quotes. Last, but, not the least, our tea breaks are full of fun time, it is a real breather and all of us group together laugh, giggle and have fifteen awesome minutes of the day!
  • Onboarding and Orientation – We love welcoming new employees in our company! An introduction session is conducted, particularly for the entire team to welcome the newcomer and introduce themselves. The newcomer also gives a brief introduction to the team.
  • Incentives– Employee incentives describe a system of rewarding success and effort in the workplace by allowing employees to earn prizes or recognition. We have quarterly incentives based on some criteria that encourage us to get professionalism in our working style.
  • Training and Development – To develop their communication skills and other professional skills, a training is conducted twice a week for half an hour. This training and development session is named as “Techno’s Learners Club”. It is a classroom session enables feedback sharing, brainstorming, and knowledge sharing bits which are gradually taking our team towards excellence.
  • Newsletters – We circulate news of events and happening within Techno to spread awareness or update about the culture and drift at Techno Infonet. We believe it is an effective medium for reaching a broad spectrum of audience, build relationships and maintaining regular contact with customers and prospects too.
  • Merry-making Occasion – Techno without fail organizes entertaining events once in a quarter for its employees. By injecting fun periodically, we ensure that the employee feels stress-free, happy and content with our organization. Movies, internal competitions, one-day outing, dining are few things we did so far, which gave sheer joy to our employees.

“It’s all about ideas and it’s all about making ideas happen.”