Techno Infonet

A refreshment break is essential to maintain a work-life balance. An element of refreshment helps in lowering stress levels and workload pressures along with bringing in happiness. In Techno Infonet our HR plans some interesting activities on every 2nd and 4th working Saturday to make the employees feel refreshed and active.

This time our HR came with a session of activities. There were a total of 3 games in this activity session.

1. Glass Tower

2. Fruit Circle

3. Flip The Cup

These games required patience, the presence of mind and listening skills. The games can be described as follows :

1. Glass Tower: We started with the glass tower game. In this game, a team member was given 15 plastic cups. As this was a timed game, the team member had to begin once the HR gave a green signal. As soon as the start signal would be given, the person is required to create a pyramid with these glasses, wherein the base would have 5 glasses, then it would go as 4, 3, 2 and 1. As soon as the member finishes creating the pyramid, he/she has to stack it down diagonally at the earliest without disturbing the rest of the cups. In case, any of the cups fall down, the team member will have to begin the entire game again. As it was a time-based game, the member who completes this activity in the shortest duration wins the game. Meghal Mody – one of our trainees managed to bag the first position.

2. Fruit Circle: For this game, all the team members were required to stand in a circle. When the HR would say ORANGES the members will have taken one step forward and when she says APPLES, they will have to take one step backwards. A member who loses the coordination is eliminated from the game. The winner of this game was Anirudh, one of our dedicated PHP developers.

3. Flip the Cup: This is a very simple yet interesting game. A plastic cup will be kept on the edge of the table. Now one by one the team members will have to come forward and have to flip the plastic cup until it takes an upside position. Each member would be given three chances, wherein the member who completes the task in the shortest duration wins the game. Abhishek, our Business developer, won this game.

All the team members really enjoyed these games. In the end, we selfied all the beautiful and fun moments and also filled our tummies with lip-smacking samosas.