Techno Infonet

In daily routine life, people don’t get time for him/her self. Everyone needs the refreshment break from their daily routine life.  The break for refreshment, stress relieve, so the person can focus again on his/her daily routine life. A refreshment break is essential for every person to keep them self stress-free.

So, in Techno Infonet our HR plan every working Saturday some energy booster game or the stress relief activity. Which we call Saturday activity. This activity really gives us the energy booster for the next week and we feel refresh and stress-free.

This 4th working Saturday of April we all played 2 games namely  – 1. Pass the Objects and 2. Musical Chair. We really enjoyed while the time of playing the game.

1.Pass the Objects –

We all gather at one place and set in the circle and the game begins. The game rules were there was a ball which we need to pass around the circle. In the musical variety, the parcel can only be passed when music is playing. Pause the music at any point during the song; the person holding the object needs to do the dance or sing a song. Keep the game going till the two-person will left. The person who was safe until the end will be the winner of the game.

2.Musical Chair –

Musical The chair was such a game where everyone tried to grab their seat as soon as the music stopped. This really made us aware of there’s still a kiddish and childish option left in us, we just need a push. The person who grabbed the chair till the end was the winner of the game.

Indeed, the evening was a memorable one. We selfied and clicked some memorable moments which became a lifelong memory.